Mayor's action center (mac)

Tired of that pothole?  Got some heavy trash you need disposed of?  This is your tool to report all manner of problems to the city for fixin'.  This is where you, the resident of the Near West, can help the city focus resources to help our neighborhoods stay clean and tidy.

Mayor's Action Center

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Who owns that lot across the street that nobody has done anything with for the past decade?  You know, that place you've been thinking would make a great urban garden or maybe the extra space for you to build that deck you've been dreaming of.  

Maybe you have a vision for what that vacant lot could be and you just need to know who owns it so you can take charge and make your vision a reality. This city resource is where you can find out the address, square footage, owner, and even view the property record card from the city.


Hawthorne Community Center